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happy 22nd Ray
Friday, February 17, 2012

wow its been a year since i'm celebrating my 21st, when i'm still in army, getting a job, and thinking of how to uni experience will be like.

a year on, i'm done with my job at nus, made some really good friends that i have never really talk to in JJC and had quite a good time there, looking at the students and learning how i will be like when its my turn to hit the books. then comes the camps where i met even more ppl that is gonna be parts of my school life. the camps are great, a total different level from what i had experienced.

then comes hall life. its like, being in army but there is internet and u can come and go whenever you want, and with a purpose. so far so good, and i hope i can be back next yr and build on my uni experience.

now to my 22nd birthday. had dinner with my family at extension. not bad, but melben is better! many thanks to them having dinner with me every sunday night =)

when the clock strikes midnight and i turn 22, engine camp peeps came over and embarrass the shit out of me. haha. but i dont mind la, just have fun. then came the hall peeps and siewyi and arron. quite nice to see everyone gathered for my birthday. its a usual birthday celebration in hall, but when you are the birthday boy, it really feels different. thank you Hall 6!

to the birthday dinner at Dozo, which is always a good meal choice for me. the place is nice, the food is good. loved the present that i got from siewyi and thank you for being here with me all these while =) without you, army life will be tougher, and weekends will not be as lively. i love you =)

happy 22nd to me!


Life as we know it
Friday, March 4, 2011

No matter how strong a person is, there is always a soft spot

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Life as we know it
Tuesday, March 1, 2011

There is only one life and one chance to be youth. Dont waste it and regret when you're old.


Life as we know it

Life without temptations is just be meaningless fight for survival


The One With The Card Long-Time-No-See
Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I tremble while preparing myself to go camp in the morning. Finally this day has arrived. Was looking forward to this day for the past 2 years. Its not an easy journey and not really meaningful, but i saw and learnt a few things along the way. I saw how passion is really important to workers, without it employees will all be inefficient and lack of drive to do well.

I really wanna thank all people who walked this through with me. My family, especially my dad who without fail see me off to tekong every week for the first 2 months and being so eversupportive. I guess he is the only one in the family who truly knows whats happening inside. I hope i will be like this to my son in the future. thanks dad. To my great grandma, who i first looked for when returning home from book out during tekong days. guess she is real happy to see me go through this stage of life. and of course, my baby. Without her my mental sufferings of being in camp will have nowhere to be expressed. she stuck with me through all these and said positive comments that affected my thinking. thank u baby. and to all my friends thank u all for lighting up my dull life. without u guys' laughter i think i will be damn depressed to suffer this 2 years of crap.

These 2 years i have lost a lot. Whenever my friends are out having fun and i cannot attend i always felt that its my lost. Its my youth and i should be out there, especially when i have nothing to do in camp. it just doesnt make any sense.

of course there will be positive things that happened this 2 years. i am lucky to be able to visit aussie. its not really a tour package but at least i am able to experience it when i am sensible and know what i like. met friends that i can relate to and who knows, might be helpful to me in the future. Hope we will remain in contact.

Tomorrow starts a new beginning. something that i can find value in and will really develop myself further. Hope everything turns out well and my life goes on now.

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The One With The Perfect Birthday
Thursday, February 10, 2011

The first day of being 21 is one of the best day of my life. You'll see why...

Was having dinner with my family at this fish head steamboat somewhere along serangoon. Went there because i knew that the next day my darling will feed me nothing but ang moh food. There is this chinese part of me that craved for their famous salted egg prawns! Had a good meal but got scolded by my mum cos that small dinner cost like a lot. Nearing the end of dinner my darling was so disappointed with the fact that i'm not home yet. that was already 11pm. she keep hinting me to go home (not really a hint, it was quite obvious lol) so i rushed home and reached at 12.05 like that. So this is what happened:

Woke up at 10.30am feeling nuah but baby was all ready to give me the perfect birthday! Lets go:
Breakfast at Prive @ Keppel Bay. Ordered the Ultimate Breakfast and Chamomile tea. The breakfast presents itself well. The eggs are soggy wet delicious but the bacon can be more crispy. The tea is light to me, nice aroma, no sugar needed. Refreshing morning!

Straight after she brought me to my next destination. This birthday she kept her mouth sealed and made me keep on guessing. Well done! haha
So this is where we landed:
Siloso Beach Resort! This place is Mei De Lor. Show you what i meant.
There is a second floor! The open top roof has 2 sunbeds and a small jacuzzi and you can see siloso beach right in front of you. I can see what the people in Cafe del Mar are up to haha. Wavehouse is right beside it.
Hang around, swam in the pool and its dinner time!
So this is where my baby brought me to:The White Rabbit @ Dempsey
This place used to be an old chapel. That explains the classic windows and high ceiling. So ah-tas!
Service is their number one priority and there is no where else that I have experienced this kind of attention. The waiter really looked at me drinking water and fill the glass straight after i finished. Really Straight After. This is what i call attention.

The food goes well with the high expectations following the whole place and service. Even their standard butter for bread is worth commenting. Its flavourful but light, not so salty. Free flow soft and onion buns goes well with it. Onion bun carries this onion aroma but won't stink your mouth. First time baby ate 2 buns!
Starter we had Brochette of Roasted Sea Scallops and Crispy Pork Belly. Its like sio bak with grilled scallops. Meat is soft and the fats beneath the crispy skin is melt-in-your-mouth. Not salty like those you can find in chinese stalls. Scallops are fresh and the texture is just right. The salad under all the good stuff is really appetising with the hoy wai salad dressing.
I had the Roasted Rack of Lamb. Its cooked to perfection. Soft and easy to chew on.Gives a different flavour when paired with little olives.
Baby had the Crispy Duck Leg Confit with potato and salad as sides. Loved this kind of salad. The best part of this is the duck skin. Crispy and let the fats do their magic.
Dessert was Baked Alaska. Crunchy on the outside, cold and soft in the inside. Fruits around it gives extra kicks when paired with the ice cream. Nice!

So after dinner...
Surprise! Haha so good to see everyone on my special day. Really appreciate that fact that they all made their way down to sentosa and wished me happy birthday. Indeed i had a really happy one. Thanks for stepping into adulthood with me and i hope years down the road we all will still be celebrating our birthdays together.

And of course thank you so much baby for putting in so much effort into this. You are truly a gem to me and never would i thought that my birthday will be this big. without you i'll just be slacking somewhere haha. thank you so much all these years and i hope i will make you as happy as i am on your every birthday. I love you honey =)

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Happy Birthday To Me
Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sooo now that I'm 21...

wow i'm already 21! 21 marks the start of adulthood, but i will not forget who in all these years helped me to be a better guy. all the laughter and life lessons that i experienced. from primary school with the gang of boys chasing little girls around in school and playing soccer with almost anything that can be kicked to secondary school with my school mates and simei basketball court days. from my hectic but so enjoyable jc life to my wat-the-heck army days. so many people had came and go. just let u all know, if anyone is reading which i really doubt so, that i really appreciate everything that all of u have done for me and time spent hanging out. its been a smooth journey i would say, cos looking back everything seems a little easier. for those who remained contact with me till today i hope that we can be in contact for a very long time to come. for those who i had offended i'm truly sorry and i would never hurt anyone deliberately, not in the past, not in the future. i'm looking forward to future chapters of life and hope that it will be smooth sailing too.

life ain't easy, but this makes living much more worth it

and of course, 21 years ago, my mum suffered pain to bring me into this world, brought me up into who i am now. not that i had already achieved anything great yet but at least my parents brought me up well. thank you family for nurturing me, protecting me, understanding me and let me live my life with lots of trust that i will take care of myself. i will not abuse this kind of freedom and will be a good boy haha.

And to a special someone who has been my best friend, my family and my life teacher. Great Grandma I will never forget anything that you had thought me and all the virtues of your personality. All the sacrifices you made so that you can take care of my family. You are truly a selfless, perfect woman. I hope that in the future I can be as good a Grandpa, talking to my grandson till he falls asleep and wake up the next day with everything taken care of. I really appreciate you being a part of my life and me. Thank you, a lot. We all are missing you.

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